How to make a stone drawing
  1. Select a set of stones to last for a year.
  2. Find a text for the day.
  3. Arrange stones on light table.
  4. Turn on the light table.
  5. Photograph the light table from above. (Set camera resolution to 1280 x 960.)
  6. Download camera image to computer (Macintosh System 9.2.2) Save it to a folder labled:
    1. camera downloads
    2. 0-stones
    3. June
  7. Rename the image with the day as title of the photo. E.g. June 02/05
  8. Open the image in Photoshop.
  9. Crop.
  10. Delete the background.
  11. Select the stones.
  12. Use paint bucket to make the stones as black as possible. (Create a black and white image with no gradations.)
  13. Save.
  14. Resave as a Pict file on the desktop.
  15. Open Illustrator. (Illustrator 5.5)
  16. Select auto-trace tool. Trace around each stone.
  17. Select all. Copy all.
  18. Open a new Illustrator file. Paste the image into the new file.
  19. Select all. Move the transparency toolbar to 33%.
  20. Type the date in the lower right corner using the format 06/02/05 (June 2, 2005).
  21. Select the type. Move the transparency tool to 33%.
  22. Save the file as stones_6_02_2005.
  23. Print on vellum. (This is the daily drawing.)
  24. File print out in box for daily drawings.
  25. Repeat every day for one year.