Stone Days is a diary of days. All kinds of days: good days, bad days, on days, off days, slow days, stone days.

In 1927 my grandparents built a cottage on the shores of Lake Huron. All my life I've spent part of every August there; it is the one consistent place in my life. Every year, at Lake Huron, I gather stones on the beach. For as long as I can remember, I have also gathered gems of speech from passing conversations and the radio, and special bits of text. It is a marvel to me how people use language.

For the year 2005 I assigned myself the task of selecting one text each day. I then let the text prompt me to make an arrangement of small stones on a light table. The arrangements were made quickly and intuitively. I then photographed, photo-shopped and printed each day's stone/text on vellum. The layering of translucent images constitutes the cumulative quality of presence, of memory and of dissolving into the past of my days.

This web project is but one of many representations of this activity.